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Posted by COOLGUY on December 3, 2017 at 6:10 AM

If I really did begin experimenting with RPG Maker 2003 more often, perhaps I would have actualy completed some games and maybe upkload them here. On second thought, Game Jolt would be better option. Literally no one knows about this site except my borther, whose site I attempted emulating with this. I just realized that I've wasted these past three years. If I had continued to draw in December 2012, or whenever in 2013, I would have a decent artist. If I continued to use Sony Vegas for producing YouTube Poops, honing my craft and gaining experience; I could create much better content. I primarily just upload shitposts now. If I continued using FL Studio and learning aspects about wokring with music, I could do so much more than crappy Vaporwave or Futurefunk. If I had carried on with learning Japanese and continuously studying the language since May 2014, I would be close to the supposed four-year goal where you can speak enough to converse wth an actual Japanese person. Now I'm actually beginning to take up German after four months of procrastinating like a retard. And once I do well enough in German, I'll consider studying Japanese since at that point, I'll have some experience with a foreign language. Wasting time on the Internet......it's time-consuming and frustrating. Although I'm making good grades in acedemics, I feel bored; unproductive. Working out and excerising is strengthening my build a tad bit, and it's slowly raising my confidence. I shut myself in my room and keep the door locked like a man afraid to go out into society, socialize and get a job; a Hikkikomori. I fear of becoming a NEET, actually. I don't want to be a burden to others, and I certainly don't want to die with many regrets weighing down my productivity and happiness.

Ab jetzt werde ich meine Ambitionen erfüllen und das Spiel "Leben" erfolgreich abschließen.

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